2013 Canadian Tourism Award for Community Service

- Tourism Industry Association of Canada

It was great to be a part of Raise A Little Hellp. It’s a stellar venue to perform in overlooking the harbour and the crowd was fantastic (when are they not in Halifax!) I’ve always been a supporter of Habitat and anything that Mike and Stuart put together… hell, ya just gotta jump on board.

- Barney Bentall

2013 Crystal Tourism Award for Community Service

- Tourism Industry Association of Nova Scotia

Raise a Little Hellp is one of the most fun evenings for one of the best causes.  Loved every time I’ve been lucky enough to be a part of it and can’t wait for the next time around.

- Alan Doyle

Having played three decades worth of benefits in my career, I can heartily affirm that Raise A Little Help (in support of Habitat for Humanity) has raised the bar for commitment  and service to a cause. And made the whole endeavour a hell of alot of fun in the process.

- Ron Hawkins

Raise A Little Hellp is that rarest of benefits where the performing talent alone is actually worth the full price of admission. It’s a joy to be involved with this uniformly excellent event.

- Mike Campbell

I’ve had the privilege of playing this rad event! It’s a very special night filled with great friends, awesome songs and a lotta laughs. There’s always such great vibes in the air due to such collective support in such an important cause.

- Matt Mays

We had a great time at Raise A Little Hellp in 2012. Great food, nice atmosphere, and Ron Sexsmith performing a short, intimate set was the icing on the cake. Would love to attend again!

- Kyle Cunjack

I had a blast playing the Raise A Little Hellp event and I’ve also attended the event several times.  It’s such worthy cause and a great night out.  The curation from the food, talent, production and more is stellar.

- Joel Plaskett

Raise A Little Hellp in support of Habitat for Humanity is a great idea, well executed and superbly organized. Better still, they raise significant money to help the local community. I loved playing this event. Great cause, great people, great results.

- Stephen Fearing